Data Migration

ZetraTel Data Migration Solution, is an on-off solution for data import from legacy platforms to emerging ones. ZetraTel approach for data migration:

  • Migration Plan creation, an iterative activity in which the data migration steps are specified, statement of work created, execution timing in relation to the delivery of emerging platform is agreed upon and the level of testing is defined.
  • Analysis and Discovery, in which each and every attribute of the data objects on the legacy source system is analyzed and documented.
  • Data Adaptation, in which the source data is transformed to the format of destination platform. In other words, the data objects are cleansed and or enriched based on the destination business rules.
  • Migration Validation including validation of Method of Procedure (MoP) alongside with a small portion of data on a staging or test platform.
  • Data Migration to the destination is conducted.
  • Validation of Migrated Data.
  • Reconciliation and sign-off.

Our solution encompasses necessary tools and associated professional service. For details, or enquiries please contact us.