Working At Zetratel

How it looks like to work at ZetraTel?

Simply put, working at ZetraTel means both EMPOWERMENT and ACCOUNTABILITY. We believe EMPOWERING our colleagues results in ACCOUNTABILITY which is a necessity for taking assignments forward and creating success.

We at ZetraTel believe in DIVERSITY and INCLUSION. We are a truly DIVERSE team of different genders, cultural background, religion, experience, perspectives, point of views, orientation, and more. We see diversity as a strength that brings us together and helps us to be stronger.

In addition at ZetraTel you can expect knowledge sharing, friendly colleagues that are always there to support you.

At ZetraTel you can expect a creative, inspiring, respectful workplace with colleagues enabling you to leverage your full capacity and capability, explore your innovative ideas, and bring value to you, our customers and society as a whole.

On daily basis, we design, develop, deploy, implement, configure, integrate, and verify the latest technologies using the latest tools. And most importantly on daily basis we interact, discuss, learn from our work and CELEBRATE our achievements.